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Le 12 November 2015, 11:08 dans Humeurs 0

Attaching a Bun to Short Hair Hi, my name is Maureen here at Head Games Salon in Portland, Maine, and I would like to show you today how to use an extension claw clip and make it into a bun on short fine curly hair. So first I've prepped her hair with a little bit of volumizing spray and some curl cream. It's been diffused, it's been dried. You can let it air dry, blow dry, whatever you want. We're actually going to do a big side bun. So first step is to make sure that the rest of her hair doesn't look too skinny and scrawny and the tips moncler uk sale to this bun is to make sure that we actually make it very volumized to begin with. So I am starting with this top section, just kind of bringing that back and a cool trick is to actually make multiple ponytails to attach the claw onto. So, grabbing that I have my first section over here. I have a small clear gentle elastic for the hair and they don't have to be super perfectly separated sections, you just want to be nice to the hair. So, there's one and then this next one bringing it over. You always want to make sure too that they overlap at the part so that you don't have any moncler uk skin showing, grabbing this section and remember that we want the hair to look very volumized. So she actually has really thin fine hair so these hairs actually don't even get all the way over here. So pin that, grabbing the pin, taking a little piece, lifting up and then pushing downward to secure it. So then that's two little pieces right there and now this remainder section down here on the bottom, will actually split moncler uk store into two pieces. So first this section right over here and I'm grabbing the rest of the hair from this side and just bringing it over, keeping the little ponytail separated, here's this section, grabbing another pony elastic and then putting that in. It's right in back of the ear at this point, this ponytail. So there's one ponytail, there's another ponytail, grabbing the rest of this and bringing it up for one more. I'm actually just going to pin this little section, twisting it lightly, grabbing a little piece of hair and then pinning it. So now we have kind of three light little ponytails right there and so then to attach the bun attachment, we're actually going to kind of combine them lightly, do do da do, like that, so they look nice and big and then there's all sorts of different companies and attachments for these so what you want to do most important is make sure that it matches with your natural hair color. So we can see that this is a beautiful match for our model's hair color and also make sure that it's a similar texture. So we have a curly piece for our model today. And so this is called the claw so it actually has like one of the big claw clips in it. And so these are the ponytails of her hair and this helped to grab it all into a nice easily grabbable chunk but still keep it volumized on the rest of her head. So here's the claw and I'm actually going to claw right around that, claw, not tong and I'm going to have her kind of shake her head just lightly and then she tells me it feels good, it doesn't feel like it's slipping out. So that's great and so now we make it into a bun. So how do we make it into a bun? A bun essentially curves and swirls around. So this is really fun. 

moncler uk store these companies

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Apple Hit by Protestors for Lobbying Tax Cuts Grassroots organization US Uncut protested in Apple stores over the weekend in response to Apple lobbying efforts for the tax holiday legislation called Freedom moncler uk sale to Invest Act of 2011. This legislation would lower taxes for corporations that sell goods and services abroad. WIN America, a coalition of companies including Google, Microsoft, and, of course, Apple, is aggressively pushing for this legislation.

Should moncler uk store these companies get a tax cut? Let us know what you think. Apple is projected to receive a $4 billion tax break if the legislation is approved. US Uncut, however, believes these tax dollars could be spent in a more effective way and is asking Apple to take its name off the WIN America Campaign.

are 90,000 teachers who moncler uk you could hire with the $4 billion that Apple stands to gain, said US Uncut spokesperson Carl Gibson. For this reason, US Uncut chapters all across the country went into Apple stores chanting the iPhone, hate the tax cheat and can I sync my iPhone to my values? In Washington, DC, protestors even danced through the store to the tune of You Gonna Be My Girl? by Jet except they sang, Are You Gonna Outlaw Tax Dodging